Thursday, March 25, 2010

Homeschooling using Artistic Pursuits

My 4 girls and I first started using Artistic Pursuits about 6 years ago and have absolutely loved it! We have built memories and taken lots of photos around painting pictures, building pigs out of clay, sculpting apple faces, cutting cardboard to create snowflake stamps, print making, and on and on…it has been wonderful! We even put on an Art Show, sent out invitations and had friends and family browse our art gallery (our house with our kids’ artwork framed on black construction paper on the walls with little blurbs about the title of the piece and the artist!) We love this curriculum. We especially had fun with the first three books! Everytime I’m at our local homeschool fair and I walk by the AP booth I very loudly proclaim to whomever is browsing their table, “I LOVE ARTISTIC PURSUITS!”

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